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Veranstaltung "LearnBase B2: How am I doing Coach? - YOUR way to a better English" (Nr. 63172) ist für Anmeldungen nicht freigegeben.

N63172: LearnBase B2: How am I doing Coach? - YOUR way to a better English

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Haven’t you ever wanted to have a sort of "personal trainer" for your English? Someone who will help you define your goals, find the best learning methods for you, motivate you, guide you along and give language-related advice if you are feeling challenged?

Are you a self-learner who would rather "do the paper work" on your own and use the classroom for communicative purposes?

Are you an active learner, or have you always wanted to become an active learner but quite didn’t know how?

Do you like fooling around in the internet, playing games, doing puzzles and reading interesting bits of information?

We are introducing an innovative and groundbreaking method which will combine fun, coaching, communication and active learning - all in one package! Instead of relying on classroom teaching alone, Learnbase combines three components: individual coaching sessions, independent work with the online learnbase platform and last but not least, group lessons. A great way to improve your English!
Funded by the Erasmus+ programme and in cooperation with educational institutions in Scandinavia and Romania the VHS Wiesbaden is piloting this new innovative method which has YOU, YOUR needs and YOUR interests in focus.

As a participator in this course/project you receive a key to an online learning platform where you have access to written, audio and video materials including news, education, grammar, play, fun and much more –hundreds of links from which you can choose those topics that interest you, be it tenses, sport, meetings or traveling. After registering on the platform and creating your own profile you can communicate with your teacher and other students, develop learning plans, keep an eye on your progress and hand in homework. Most importantly, it also means that from now on you not only choose what you want to learn, but that you are also responsible for learning it. Please make sure that you find enough free time to work with the platform.

As you are going to work extensively with the platform and the database some computer skills are required – but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you carefully during the first meeting and we provide constant support throughout the course. You certainly don't have to be a computer expert in order to attend.

During the coaching sessions with your teacher you will focus on your learning goals and how to achieve them according to your individual needs and aims. These sessions are based on your personal and language learning biography.

Last but not least, there are the lessons in which you can try out your new skills.
The classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students, enabling everyone to have a chance to communicate (which is very advantageous for language learning) We guarantee wide variety of interesting, stimulating conversation topics, vocabulary exercises, role plays etc.

If you want to be part of an exciting pilot project, this is your class!

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Kursnummer: N63172
Kosten: 175,00 €€ , Jubiläumspreis! (8-12 TN)


Di. 25.04.2017 - Di. 11.07.2017


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